Teisnacher fan club

You want to support us permanently and at the same time receive great benefits in the form of free beer, invitations to our fan festival and much more? Then become a member of our fan club. You can book the following memberships directly online:


Teisnach T-shirt
(bei Abschluss der Mitgliedschaft)

Free beer*10 bottles of beer/year1 crate beer/year1 crate/month4 crates/month10 crates/month
Invitation to the fan partyXXXwith 2 accompanying personsmit 10 Begleitpersonen
Free drinks/food at the Fanfest1 drink2 Getränke4 drinks + 1 mealFood and drinks for 3 peopleFood and drinks for 11 people
Mention on the "Wall of Fame XXXX
First year brewery tour for 10 peoplefor 20 persons incl. beer and snackfor 25 persons incl. beer and snackfor 50 persons incl. beer and snack
Rent-free evening in the Bierstadl* Xincl. 200l free drinks2 evenings incl. 200l free drinks1 evening per month (50 people) incl. drinks
Beer according to own recipe   XX
Thank you banner    X

* From the 2nd year of membership on

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